We are Proyecto Diaz, a coffee roasting company in San Leandro, CA, focused on rebuilding one coffee farm at a time starting with the Diaz family farm in Oaxaca, Mexico. We're dedicated to inspiring action through creativity in both individuals and communities.


At the core we’re not just a coffee company, we’re a family. Our story begins in the early 1900s when our first family members began growing coffee in the lush hills of Oaxaca, Mexico, and continues with what is now a smaller farm taken care of by Grandfather Diaz and his children. Due to the various environmental, economic, and cultural issues that confront the modern farmer, it’s a humble, but happy, representation of what it once was.

 As Proyecto Diaz, our main focus is to help rebuild and maintain the family farm until it is self-sustaining. The  Diaz farm has become the model for our rebuilding projects in surrounding farms and communities. 

For us, coffee isn’t just our story—it’s our hustle, our history, our culture,  and the essence of who we are. We combine outstanding taste with direct impact at the source, building a bridge between the coffee drinker and the soul of that coffee, the farmer. Every cup of goodness is a tool to revitalizing communities around the world.  Welcome to the project—drink with purpose.