Style with Ease: The Moka Pot

Coffee doesn’t always have to be complicated to make it fancy. Here’s a classic way to blend style with ease. 

Step One

Grab your moka pot and separate different components. 

Step Two

Grind enough coffee that will comfortably fill the filter basket. Amount ranges from 15- 22 grams depending on size of pot. Ground coffee should feel like table salt. 

Step Three

Preheat water, remove from heat, and pour into the bottom chamber just to the edge of the valve. 

Step Four

Put filter basket into bottom chamber and fill with ground coffee, slightly mounded.

Step Five

Distribute coffee evenly over surface, with your finger.  Remove excess coffee. Make sure to do it lightly and not pack it down. 

Step Six

Using hot pads screw top and bottom portions together. Don’t over tighten. 

Step Seven

Place pot on stove over medium heat, leaving top lid open, and wait until you hear a consistent bubbling sound, at which point it’s ready to enjoy! 

Hannah-Love ShibleyComment