Farm Update: Rebuilding the Fermentation Tank

The next coffee harvest is approaching, and we’ve got our boots on the ground working to make this upcoming season even more successful than the last. For us, success means an increased quality of coffee and the ability to bring in all the coffee that’s been produced by our family farm (currently our sponsored farm).

In order to increase the quality of our coffee, we’ve needed to rebuild our farm’s fermentation tank. Coffee fermentation, also known as washing, is a vital aspect of producing a clean and complex coffee, and the farm’s fermentation tank has needed to be rebuilt for years. We finally began reparations and finished rebuilding the tank this past summer! 

We’re super excited as we continue our rebuilding progress and our efforts to rebuild one farm at a time. Thanks for being part of our project and for enjoying our labor of love – our coffee. 

Fernando Diaz
Captain of Caffeinated Chaos/Director of Beans