Moving Mountains

From the Oaxaca mountainside to our warehouse in Oakland, Grandpa’s coffee (Finca "El Carmen")  has finally arrived. We’ve roasted our first batch, cupped it, and are ready to launch it out into the world. 

We’ve eagerly awaited this coffee because it’s our crown jewel. It represents the foundation of our mission; it encapsulates the purpose of why we do what we do. We’re in it to rebuild, and to get others to enjoy the fruit of a labor that is fair and that creates tangible good. We do this to bridge cultures and to bring people together to experience community. We do this in the pursuit of bringing others a little happiness. We do this because it’s what our family has done for a century. 

Moving mountains isn’t easy, but with a little faith and a whole community, it’s totally possible. And if you’re reading this and thinking that you had some part in it, you probably did. Give yourself a hug, let’s hang out—we’ll make you a cup.