The Perfect Pour Over

A cup of coffee, in our humble opinion, should be the beginning of any good day, or perhaps, simply the beginning of ANYTHING good. And here’s how to brew a consistently perfect cup.

Serving Size:
These instructions are for a 12oz serving (we’re using a 1:15 brewing ratio)

Brew Time:
Approximately 3 minutes

Step One:
Grab all your goodies (i.e. coffee beans, scale, server or mug, ceramic funnel, and kettle).

Step Two:
Set water to boil. While it boils, measure and grind 22.5g of coffee. Coffee grinds should feel like sand. 

Step Three:
When water is at a boil (or ideally between 195-200 degrees) wash filter out and then dump out refuse water. 

Step Four:
Pour coffee grinds into the filter and then pour in 55-60g of water. Make sure to keep the coffee grinds wet, never letting them dry out.

Step Five:
In intervals of between 25-30 seconds and in a circular motion, keep pouring. It should take about 6 intervals to reach 336g (12oz) of water.  

Step Six:
Pour into your favorite drinking apparatus and enjoy.