Three-ish years ago Proyecto Diaz Coffee was only a dream. It was written down on a piece of paper and tucked away between my journal’s pages. Fast forward a few years and now we’re here. The dream has gone from paper to reality. 

Proyecto Diaz Coffee emerged from the pages of my journal as a company that roasts coffee with a purpose. I started popping up in front of bookstores, partnering with friends, getting wholesale accounts, bringing coffee into the States from my family’s farm for the first time, and competing right along with the cool kids on the block.  

Behind the dream there has been a lot of hustle, bustle, sweat, and a few tears. The company went from just me to a team that now owns and believes in this dream too. We have one ethos: “work hard, work with integrity, and make sure it all matters.” With this spirit, we’ve been able to get far with little, but in order to go further we need to KICKSTART the next phase of our dream! 

Up to this point we’ve worked closely with a friend to do our roasting and green coffee buying, but this limits our mission. If we are able to do our own roasting and sourcing, we’ll have a significant increase in profit. That increase will allow us to sustain our mission of rebuilding (remember, we reinvest 10% of our profits back into our sponsored farm). If our profits increase we’ll have the ability to maintain our rebuilding efforts, potentially increase the percentage amount we give to the farm, continue buying outstanding and ethically sourced coffee, and further our mission with other farms and communities. 

So, now to the point of this blog…through this Kickstarter campaign we’re looking to raise 30k for our own roaster, and a jumpstart on a green coffee supply and permanent warehouse space. We strongly believe that with these three things we’ll have a higher chance of keeping our mission and vision thriving for years to come.  

If there’s anything I’ve learned through taking a company from paper to reality, it’s that it takes a whole lotta sweat and a whole community to turn dreams into fruition. If it wasn’t for family, mentors, friends, and now our customers too, who knows where Proyecto Diaz Coffee would be.

We can’t do this alone and together we believe we can do some mighty things. Thanks for being part of our journey and part of our caffeinated community. I look forward to one day hanging with ya and chit chatting over a cup of “Jose.” In the meantime, check out our Kickstarter.

Abrazos (hugz), 
Fernando Diaz
Founder/Captain of Caffeinated Chaos 

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