When Life Gives You Cold Brew

When life gives you cold brew, you make cocktails.

Living in the Bay Area where the heat is just beginning, we figured it wasn’t too late to start on a summer drink. So, we gathered in our friend’s kitchen with their newly adopted pup Cleo licking our toes, and embarked on our first cocktail journey. After a few failed (but buzzed) attempts, we created a winner...

The Cleo

Grab yo ish:

2.5 oz of cold brew coffee
1 oz of spiced rum
1 dash of orange bitters
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon of simple syrup
2-4 cubes of ice

And shake it baby.


And in case you need to make your own cold brew:

Coffee blend: Esencia (grab it online here)
Ratio: 1:12 (coffee to water in grams)
Brew/steep time: 20 hrs.

Grab a fatty mason jar, grind your coffee coarse and put it into your jar. Next, add cold water and stir, stick it in the fridge and let it steep for 20hrs. Once it's steeped, strain it through a sieve and then through a piece of cloth or coffee filter. Don't have those thangs? Get creative.  And voila - you've got your cold brew.