2016 Recap

It’s only January but so much has already happened that it feels like we’re late to the recap game. But hey, better late than never, right!? 

Before we get going, we’re super grateful for everything 2016 brought us—all the coffee slinging, caffeinated high fives, coffee happenings, and YOU.

Our 2016 goal was to "Double Down." We planned to get a roaster, serve more customers, and make a bigger impact on our project farm. We knew we had lofty goals—slightly intimidating—but we thought, "Go big or go home!" 


With a big leap of faith, we launched a Kickstarter, and if you don't know how Kickstarter works, it's pretty scary. If your project gets funded, you keep everything. But if you miss the mark, you lose every penny. We definitely had some doubts. "How the heck are we going to tell our story? What if we don't reach our goal? Do we know enough people to help kickstart our dreams?" But we launched, told the masses, harassed all of our friends, crossed our fingers, and prayed hard. With four days to go, we weren't even to 50% of what we needed to raise, and at this point we weren't sure we were gonna make it. And then it happened—various homies from near and far came together, rallied for us, and pushed us to a successful campaign!


Our project farm El Carmen, aka Grandpa's farm, got some solid momentum too. 2016 was our second "official" year of working with the farm, and we were able to pay 22% more for the green coffee than in 2015, which was a full 38% above the fair trade price (with added premium)

In addition:

  • 406 coffee shrubs were planted to help ensure a healthy crop in the following years. 
  • We were able to rebuild the farm's kitchen where all the seasonal workers eat during their time harvesting at the farm. 
  • Uncle Niceforo joined a community committee that assisted in securing solar panels for the surrounding small holder farmers. 

So, we paid more, planted more, and were a catalyst to help other community members.


Wondering which coffees our #CaffeinatedCommunity loved the most and how our coffees stacked up against each other?! Wonder no more.

El Carmen by the cup:

We had limited stock from our crown jewel this year, and it went fast. From all of the El Carmen coffee imported, 708 12oz baggies were taken home and about 15,408 8oz cups were brewed by various wholesale member establishments that support our hustle. 

The Most Popular Award goes to:

Esencia, Ocotepeque (Honduras), and Vigilante made up over 50% of our sales, in that order. Shout out to all our Esencia lovers on the blog,  we love it too, guys! 



For us, our 2016 achievements were priceless and HUGE. We believe that our small initial steps will eventually lead to larger impact. In 2013, Proyecto Diaz Coffee was just an idea on a piece of paper. There was no caffeinated community, and no coffee. In 2014, Proyecto Diaz Coffee was a supes cute baby. By 2015 we were learning how to walk, and by 2016, we were up and at ‘em. 

2017 is looking like its gonna be a pretty hectic year. There are still a bunch of unknowns, but we're pumped to see what the year throws at us and ready to run full steam ahead. 


With jittery hearts, 
Fernando Diaz and the Proyecto Crew

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