Proyecto Diaz X Merritt Ceramics

Another year, another sexy ceramic piece by our awesome friend and founding member of Merritt Ceramics, Anna Krengel. This year, Anna made us matching pour over drippers and mugs for our holiday packages. Beyond that, she's doing some crazy good stuff—her and her crew offer tons of free clay-mmunity (community) events, as well as low-cost ceramic classes for the folks of Oakland and beyond. 15% of their class purchases go towards supporting free classes and supplies for community members unable to afford them. So yeah, they’re kinda bomb and sculpting a better, more artistic tomorrow for the fine folks of Oakland.

Anna at work at her studio in Oakland, CA.

Anna at work at her studio in Oakland, CA.

We managed to get a super quick and sweet interview with Anna:

Q: What do you love about clay and ceramics?

A: The material offers itself to EVERYONE. From the tableware you eat from all the way to the porcelain you sit on. 

Q: Why did you start Merritt Ceramics?

A: I started Merritt Ceramics with two friends, Stephen Ruby and Katie Swan. We wanted to share a space with our local community, where we could offer affordable and accessible ceramic classes and workshops in Oakland. Like our local namesake, Lake Merritt, Merritt Ceramics is a place for gathering.

Q: Where do you want to see Merritt Ceramics in the next 5 years?

A: In our own warehouse building that has a massive roll up so we can always have our door open!

Anna and crew are accomplishing and dreaming up some great things over at Merritt Ceramics. Be sure to check them out.



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