New Year, New Look!

#OhHey 2019, we’re coming atcha and we ain’t playing!

One of our biggest resolutions of 2018 was to revamp our packaging. It’s a resolution that took us most of 2018 to complete, and one which we’re so proud to launch at the beginning of 2019.

Change is never easy. And it shouldn’t be, otherwise things would be changing all the time and humans are silly creatures of habit. Deciding to change our look was a lengthy process. We want back and forth, we asked our friends and our internet peeps, and we designed and redesigned.

And here we are, announcing NEW PACKAGING.

So what’s the meaning behind it all?

We wanted our new bags to showcase our artistry, our playfulness, and the uniqueness of the coffee we roast. All aspects of the new packaging have been done in-house—the artwork was hand painted by Fernando, the labels were designed in house by Hannah-Love.

We wanted the colors to showcase our bright personality as much as our depth. The bright colors invoke a feeling of nature and of passion. Our green leaf pattern denotes our single origin bags, reconnecting us to where the coffee is first produced: in nature and amongst the leaves, ripening on trees for us to consume.

Our second pattern, chosen for blends, reminds us of passion: the interwoven layers that create a complex, delicious cup, day in and day out, year after year, stroke by stroke.

Each of these images are a pattern of repetition, of grit, of determination, and most importantly, of beauty. And they sit on our new black bags, the grounding force of our product.

We know our coffee tastes delicious, many of you have told us so. And it was time for us to represent that and show that what was inside of our bags was just as beautiful as the outside. We truly do hope that you dig our new direction and that you continue enjoying our labor of love.

Our new bags will hit the shelves this month!

Stay caffeinated,
The Diaz Family

PS. Our new retail bags are still foil-lined, keeping the coffee fresh, and now feature an easy-open zip closure. Don’t forget to recycle!

PPS. Shout out to our good friend Ross Viator who came in clutch and helped us tighten up our back copy.

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