Bella Vista: The Coffee That Could!


We know it's been forever since we've put up a blog post, and we're sorry! We've been cupping new coffees, roasting beans, engaging with our caffeinated community, and scheming and dreaming. But worry not, we're back in action with some exciting news.

We love coffee! But why? Because of the human connections we make, the tangible difference we get to be a part of through the purchase of the coffee, and the friendships we build along the way. Bella Vista, produced by Rosalba Cifuentes' family, is an example of that beautiful dynamic between coffee and people. 

We were first introduced to Rosalba about a year ago through friends over at the SF Mexican Consulate. She had just brought in a full container of coffee from her native Chiapas, Mexico (directly south of Oaxaca, Mexico). When she told us her story, we realized her story was our story too. She told us that there is a ton of labor that goes into producing coffee, and that the work and the producer are undervalued. We agreed. Her desire was to help out her family and those within her community by sourcing and promoting the coffee they had labored to produce year after year. In short, she wanted to give her family and community a better future.

The only unfortunate thing was that we had just made our biggest purchase of Mexican coffee yet and didn't have any money to spare. She didn't have much luck selling her coffee in The States so she traveled to Europe and sold it there. We were pretty impressed by her tenacity to get her story out there, and we helped how we could by telling others about her and trying our best to connect her to others within the specialty coffee industry. We also promised her that once the following harvest landed, we'd be one of the first to buy it.

And true to our word, this year we were one of the first to buy her coffee, and it's even better than promised. We sampled roasted it and thought it was pretty good, but it wasn't until we did an actual production roast that we found out its true potential. After a few test batches we landed on what we believe to be its best representation. With tasting notes of black cherry, brandy, and dulce de leche, we think it's a bit of heaven on earth.

We're honored to have partnered with Rosalba for this true labor of love. Partnerships like this inspire us to continue our vision of using coffee as a bridge between people and as a bridge to a better tomorrow for the producer and a better today for the drinker. Drink happy, #DrinkWithPurpose. 

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