One Giant Leap for PDC


Many of you know the story — we started out home roasting our grandfather’s coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico and selling it at pop-ups in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. We even had an online store, with Fernando biking deliveries around the city. 

Pop-up by pop-up, we got bigger, bringing more of grandfather’s coffee into the states. We moved our roasting operations to a friend’s space and expanded our menu with additional Latin American coffees.

And then we Kickstarted our very own roaster, an SF-6. We were beyond blessed by so many friends that gave to our Kickstarter, and we were able to not only buy the roaster, but also bring in even more coffee, and secure our own warehouse space in San Leandro. 

We’ve hustled hard, we’ve prayed harder, and we just received our biggest delivery yet — a new, bigger roaster, the SF-25. To put it into perspective, our baby roaster yielded 16lbs an hour. Our new roaster yields 80. What we used to do in 5 hours, we can now do in 1. 

Everything we do is to caffeinate with purpose. The Diaz family has been in coffee since the early 1900s, and we’ve seen how easy it is for a farm to slip out of the farmer’s hands. We’re on a mission to rebuild farms and legacies by giving back a part of our profit and roast delicious coffees from small-lot farms. We were giving it our all with our baby roaster, but we’re stoked for what a larger roaster can do to broaden our impact. 

Our growth has been capped by our little guy, but we’re opening up our wholesale program once again. Cafes, restaurants, markets, offices — we want to help you caffeinate the masses and caffeinate with purpose. Hit us up and we’ll get some samples sent your way.

For those of you who have been on this journey with us, THANK YOU. It’s been a wild ride, and we can’t wait to crush this next leg of the adventure with you by our side.