our history

At the core, we’re not just a coffee company, we’re a family. Our story begins in the early 1900s when the Diaz family began growing coffee in the lush hills of Oaxaca, Mexico, and continues with what is now a smaller farm taken care of by Grandfather Juan Diaz and his children. Due to the various environmental, economic, and cultural issues that confront the modern farmer, it’s a humble, but happy, representation of what it once was.

where we are today

Our founder, Fernando Diaz, started exploring the project in late 2013, home-roasting a couple pounds of green coffee from his grandfather’s farm and selling it to friends. Slowly but surely, we grew, and after successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign, we purchased our very own roaster and moved into our permanent home in San Leandro. We hustle hard and sell crazy-good coffee to wholesale accounts in the Bay Area and caffeine fiends all over America.

Welcome to the project—caffeinate with purpose.