We proudly source coffee from small-scale producers and co-ops exclusively. When sourcing excellent coffee, we purchase based on both taste and impact.

our mission in action

Currently, 10% of our profit is reinvested into our project farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, and we purchase every sack of green coffee from the farm at above fair trade prices. Our finances have gone into rebuilding both sustainable farm infrastructure and farming practices. To date, we’ve rebuilt a roof, a fermentation tank and the farm’s kitchen, and have successfully replanted 406 coffee shrubs. 

In 2016, we created six seasonal jobs for neighboring community members and project twelve jobs in 2017. The family farm also saw a 28% increase in the 2016 crop compared to the 2015 crop. Additionally, we partnered with two neighboring producers to purchase a half-ton of exportable coffee on top of what we purchased from the family farm. We were able to pay above fair trade premium prices for all of the exportable coffee.

direct impact

We’ve seen direct impact with increased livelihoods and access to a fair market. The more we are able to partner with socially minded wholesale partners and coffee fiends like you, the greater our impact will be.